woensdag 25 januari 2012

Emon's Crunchy Skin Pork

Buy a nice piece of porkbelly with skin
Carve the skin
Turn it around and poke the meat side full of holes
(you see my cool tool for this, hahaha! A fork will do the trick too!)
make a marinade for the meat

2 to 3 spoons lee kum lee char siu bbq sauce
1 spoon lee cum lee bean sauce
4 cloves of minched garlic
some salt & freshly grounded black peper
2 spoons of white sugar
1 spoon maggi
optional a few spoons of honey

(A pre-made pork marinade will be fine also!)
Rub the meat side of the meat with the marinade
but rememeber: KEEP the skin side as dry as possible!!!!
Turn the skin side up and sprinkle generously with salt.
Rub it in the skin.
(this is the magic trick for getting a very crunchy skin)
let the meat stay overnight in the refridgerator
pre-heat your oven on hot air at 180 to 200 degree.
Put the meat on a baking tray and place a bowl of water under your meat.
Let it stay for about one hour like this.
After an hour place the oven tray to the lowest part of your oven
Put your oven on grill and to 250 degree, leave the grill door open at this stage.
Now you must watch the pork belly closely for the next 20-30 minutes.
you will see the skin bubble and get crispy.
If the skin burns and gets black you will ruin the skin.
so watch carefull and keep an eye that the heats not too high.
Here we have the sexy crunchy skin pork.
crunchy and smokey on the outside, juicy and tender meat and fat underneat!
Posing with my sexy pork!

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