maandag 6 februari 2012

Kangkung with Pork

Stirfry some pork
(season it with some soy sauce and sugar while stirfrying)
when done remove from wok
Cut the Kangkung
(you can also use dried mushrooms)
Stirfry the garlic and onions
Add the mushrooms
(sprinkle some sugar and soysauce on it)
Add the hard parts of the kangkung
Add some water (or vegetable stock)
also add some oister sauce and soy sauce
Add the soft leaves of the kangkung.
(i also added some chopped chili at this stage)
Taste the sauce if it needs more oister/soysauce
Add a little more water if needed. After that add cornstarch mixed in a little water.
When you added that remove from heat within a few seconds of mixing else it gets too thick
Enjoy your Kangkung

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