vrijdag 3 februari 2012

One Cobra. please.

Cobra eating in Le mat, hanoi, vietnam
Le Mat is a small village located in Long Bien District in the capital city of Hanoi. The village has long been famous for a traditional job: catching snakes. It is rumored that even the kids there are skillful in doing the job, and that's why there is no snakes left in the village and its surroundings. Nowadays, hundreds of families breed snakes to supply the snake restaurants in the village.

Not only famous for the talent of catching snakes, the village is also well-known for serving dishes made from the reptiles. Just half an hour's driving from the center of Hanoi, you will find yourself in Le Mat village

 The most popular snakes served in these restaurants are cobra's and they are all alive.

Guests can see how the chosen snake is prepared. Its heart and gall are poured into glasses of wine to drink. Other parts of the snake are cooked in different ways to make around ten dishes, for instance: grilled, fried, wrapped in leaves, rice soup, etc... Besides, snake alcohol is quite popular because it is believed to make ones healthier.
when the snake is butchered they show-off the poison spraying from the fangs

Interior of the snake vendor. various snake wines and other stuff in wine
The cobra i picked
Lashing out at the camera
One more pose
They kill the snake, remove the bile, the beating heart and drain the blood
Here the bile is being mixed with wine, also blood and wine is being mixed
The beating heart gets thrown in the bile/wine mixture
(Mickey in the shirt is excited also!)
are you ready?!
Feels like a beating oister floating in wine
First dish of the snake. A stirfry with spices
Snake rolls
Deepfried la lot leaves with snake
Still alive :) a little tipsy, i drank 2 blood shots, 1 bile and the heart and bile combo.
Snake meat with spices
Rice with snake fat
Deepfried snake skin
More snake goodness
Snake pancakes
The scenery (various year old wines)
Cobra's in snake wine
Cobra's in snake wine
later that day

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