zaterdag 16 juni 2012

Bo luc lac
(Vietnamese shaking beef salade)

Prepare a salade with cucumber, red onion, tomato, mint, thai basil and koriander.
(if u like it extra spicy add a small chopped red peper)

Use a very good cut of tenderloin beef. If you cant get a good tenderloin, dont do this dish.
(This is a 400 Gram piece)

Cut small bitesize pieces of about 1,5 cm
(dont cut too small pieces else it overcook fast)

Mix the beef cubes with 4 shredded garlic cloves and sprinkle them with freshly grounded
black pepper.

Prepare your sauce/dressing

2 tablespoons of Fish sauce
4 tablespoons of Oyster sauce
2 tablespoon of Sugar
a table spoon of chili paste/Sambal
a small squirt of sesame oil and a small squirt of maggi seasoning
1 teaspoon of freshly grounded black peper
Heat up the wok very hot...let it get really hot.
add some vegetable oil.

Now its time to 'shake the beef'
A word of warning. this will probably get some flames going.
So use another pan above the wok to cover when the flames come.
Just stay calm, and cover the wok while shaking......!!!
The flames give the dish its wonderfull flavour.
If you wok is very small. bake the beef in in two times and prepare two salades to pour the meat on. dont...I repeat: Dont put too much beef in at once, because it will be chewy untasty beef.
Slowly add the beef in your very hot wok. then keep the other pan above the wok and slowly shake/stirfry the beef.
Stir fry it a maximum of 20/25 seconds only!
Now add the sauce quickly and mix it a little. after 5 seconds pour the sauce and meat on your salade.

Delicious Beef salade. Eat it with fresh rice.

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