woensdag 18 juli 2012

Banh Xeo
(Vietnamese sizzling pancake with pork and shrimps)

 You'll need a pack of Banh Xeo flour, and 800 ML of coconut milk.
This will make about 8 Banh Xeo Pancakes

Phuong's Special Banh Xeo Sauce:

140 gr tomato paste

500 Ml water
Juice of 2 lemons
9 tablespoons of fishsauce
7 tablespoons of sugar
7 red chili's
Bring this all to a boil slowly and while stirring untill it slightly thickens.
(adjust the sauce to taste!)

One Red onion and one onion sliced into rings, Fresh beansprouts
400 Gram of pork strips in slices (no skin) and 300 gram of cleaned and cut in half shrimps
(i added some pounded garlic toes mixed with the shrimps)

Mix the banh xeo flour with the coconut milk, also add a glass of water
and chop some garlic chives (look) very finely and mix it in the batter as well.

Be sure to have fresh herbs ready!
Coriander, Mint and thai basil will be delicious!
(also cut some cucumber and green onions)

Add some oil in the pan, add a small amount of pork strips
and grill it for a few minutes.

Now add some onions and some shrimps.
grill it for about 1 minute.

Now add the Banh Xeo batter.

Now cover the pan and let it slowly bake
(you might want to lower the fire to about halfway)

When the Banh Xeo looks firm add a hand of beansprouts

Then fold it over and let it bake for about 1 minute more.

Ready to eat!
(add some fresh herbs and the sauce)

Yum, this one is MINE !

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