maandag 29 april 2013

Bo tai chanh

(Vietnamese Lemon Beef Carpaccio Salad)

use good quality sirloin steak.
(This was 250 grams in total)

Slice it as thin as you can against the grain to ensure its tender.

Make a mixture of the juice from 2 lemons and 2 spoons of fish sauce.

Mix the beef with the lemon mixture
(be sure all the beef is touched by the lemon juice)
Let it cure for a minimum of 20 minutes. (40 minutes at maximum!)

While the meat is 'cooking ' in the acids of the lemon juice, get some fresh herbs.
(I used Cilantro, mint and thai basil)

Get your ingredients ready. Chopped spring onion, red onion rings (thinly sliced!!!)
Red chili (i removed most of the seeds) fried onions and grinded unsalted peanuts

Now drain the beef and taste a piece.
if its too lemony add some fish sauce
while mixing the meat with the fresh herbs and onions.
If you got some Nuoc mam dipping sauce ready drizzle some over the meat and herbs mixture.
Plate the dish and put the fried onions, peanuts and the chili's on top.

Nuoc mam:

300 Ml water
Juice of 2 lemons
9 tablespoons of fishsauce
7 tablespoons of sugar
6 red chili's

Ready to eat <3

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