vrijdag 1 november 2013

Masala chicken with long beans

Long beans and me, hahaha.

Wash the long beans.
(about 450 grams)
Cut into smaller sections.

Panfry some cooked potatoes. (450 grams)
sprinkle with some black peper, paprika powder and
some masala spices (i use chan's masala)

Also cook about 4 to 5 eggs for about 10 minutes,
cool and set aside.

After the potatoes are done i let them cool and cut into smaller pieces

Chop up 2 tomatos into small cubes

Crush about 10 to 12 cloves of garlic

Cut about 8 to 10 debones chicken tights into big bitesized chunks,
stirfry them while sprinkle with some salt, black peper and
after about 10 minutes of wokfrying sprinke with a few spoons
of masala powder (chan's masala)
remove from the wok and clean the wok.

reheat the wok and stirfry 1 onion and the garlic.
sprinkle with some white Sugar. 

Add the tomato

after about 5 minutes of stirfry, add 3 cups of water
8 spoons of chan's masala, 1 spoon koriander powder,
and 2 spoons of Cumin powder.
Also add a whole scotch bonnet chili (madame jeannete)

Readd the chicken.
now add 4 to 6 small maggi cubes.
a big sprinkle of black peper again.
Taste the sauce. adjust if necessary.

now add the eggs, beans and potatoes and let it simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.
if you want the sauce to thicken fast, crush some potatoes in the sauce.
the starch will make it more thick in no time.

if you want it more hot, remove the scotch bonnet, and slice it up and readd.

Delicious with Roti, or fresh cooked rice.

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