maandag 6 oktober 2014

Wok tossed Lobster

 Alive fresh lobsters

 Beautifull creatures
Lets make a wok sauce

Make a spice paste:

Combine the following in a blender

- 8 cm piece of ginger peeled
- One full garlic bulb (or more!) peeled
- 3/4 fresh red chili pepers
- a small splash of maggi seasoning
- 200 ML of soy sauce
- 4 spoons of white sugar
- a splash of rice wine
*optional a small hint of Vet-sin

Be sure to really grind the ingredients to a paste

The lobsters need to be killed, and yes it sucks,
but lets just do it as humain possible and kill them FAST.
Before cooking them/piercing them put them in the cooler for about 1 hour.
after killing them i split the head/body in half and scoop out the
 'Brain/intestines' from the lobsters head/body.
I always add these to my lobster wok sauce.
This also will kill the lobsters fast and painless.
(Push the knife in the middle on top of its head and push all
the way through. this will destroy its brain and give it a fast ending)

You can also choose to not do this and just boil them without removing the
'brain/intestine' but adding this will give a very deep flavour. Stir it through your ready made paste.

Bring a large pot to a hard boil and add a few spoons of salt to the water
Now add the lobsters and let them boil for 8/9 minutes.
After 9 minutes drain and rinse with cold water
Now lets prepare the parts for wok tossing.

Remove the tails (Twist them off)

Cut the tails inhalf (here u see some robe also)

Remove the claws and crack the claw and joint shell

 You can also add the head parts, but i choose not to
add these. since i removed the flavourfull brain/intestine

Now heat up your wok and add a chopped onion and vinger length sized chooped green onions

Now add the sauce we prepared.
Stir and shake it for about a minute or so.
Now add the lobster parts and coat and heat them with the sauce.
also add some chopped Cilantro.
after a minute or 2 its done.
Sprinkle some lemon juice over the dish before eating it.
Very tastey!

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