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Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef noodle soup)

1. Beef tenderloin. We will use this raw in the final dish and use the boiling Pho broth to blanche it.
2. Stew meat, this will stew in the broth for about 2-3 hours.
3. Bo vien beef balls, defrost and serve boiled in the Pho Bo
4. Marrow bones, use these to make the broth.

Burn the outside of two large onions and a piece of ginger (5-6 cm)
Remove the burned outsides and wash them.

Boil the marrow bones and beef meat (the parts which you use to make a stew)
for about 20-30 minutes, often skim of the scum that rises of the water
--Ofcourse dont add in tenderloin beef you bought!!--
after its boiled throw away all the water and wash of the meat and bones carefully
and put all in a large clean pan of water.

Add 10-15 pieces of star anise and 1 stick of cinnamon.(the star anise and cinnamon stick need to be dry grilled for a few minutes in a dry pan before adding
to release the flavours)

bring the water to a boil. then put the fire low so it softly bubbles away.
Dont let it boil hard as this clouds your soup base.
Add 2 tablespoons of salt and 6 table spoons of sugar.
aadd 1 tablespoon of ve-tsin (that is more than enough for 10 Lt. of soup)
Add the bones and beef meat you just cooked, (not the tenderloin ofcourse!!)
Now let the soup simmer away for about 1 hour with the lid on.

Now the onions,and ginger go in the pan.
Also the staranise pieces and cinamon stick.
after another hour stir the soup gently and taste.
. i think you need to add another 2 spoon of salt and 6 spoons of sugar,
no more ve-tsin is needed. Just add to taste what you think is missing.
now let it simmer another hour.
now the soup has been simmering for 2 to 2,5 hours. test if the simmered meat inside is allready done. It probably needs 2,5-3 hours to be very tender. if its tender enough remove the meat from the soup but ofcourse leave the bones and all the spices in it in it.If you remove the meat place it in ice cold water (with ice cubes) this will prevent the stewed meat to be very dark when using it later in the Pho Bo.
Once you removed the meat add some water to the soup and taste if the taste is strong or needs more salt or sugar.
the last time i made the soup broth it needed 1 spoon ve-tsin, 6 spoons of salt and 14 spoons of sugar...
never put this all in at once. build it up slowly.  If the onions starting to fall apart remove them.  when the soup tastes good let it simmer for a total of 5 hours. thats enough time to release all the flavours from the bone and spices.
(I usually let the soup cool off, and put it through a strainer to remove pieces of spice/bone and scum)
The stewed meat after cooled in ice water.
(simmered a total of 3 hours, very tender meat)

 Soak the Pho noodles approx 1 hour before eating.
(you will boil them also before eating)
Now the good part begins

Garnishing and eating your bowl of home made Pho Bo!
Slice pieces of raw sirloin steak as thin as possible
Bring a small pan of water to a boil.
Cut some of the stewed meat. and optional some beef balls.
Add some pho noodles (need to be soaked 1 hour before eating)
And boil them in there for a few minutes, then drain and put on top of the raw beef in your bowl.
Now pour the PHO broth you made on top of the meat and noodles.
this will blance the raw beef.
Keep the Fresh garnishing ready!
(cilantro, mint, thai basil, saw leave (viet. cilantro) bean sprouts, lemon wedges, freshly chopped chili, (red) onions)
For a perfect bowl of Pho Bo these are needed!
chili sauce, fish sauce and hoi sin sauce
onions and bean sprouts
Simply devine. Pho Bo!
Enjoying the PHO BO!

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